Graphics Design

Lasbon Communications is a professional graphic design company with a long standing reputation for providing outstanding results. Whether it be advertising, brochure design, packaging design, corporate identity development, posters, website design, presentations or any required design, we make sure that you're 100% happy with the results. In order to provide you with an excellent design solution we make sure that you have a complete understanding of our graphic design process.

We go the extra mile to create you a unique concept that works to best display the services or products you offer.  

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Printing Services

Whatever your printing requirements, we aim to provide the highest quality at the best price.

If that means we provide advice on your business card printing one day and your exhibition graphics and folder printing the next, that's exactly how we like it. Many of Lasbon's satisfied clients use us as a bolt-on printing department to their own companies. We provide stock control, deliveries and central billing for our larger clients, as well as a personal point of contact for the print buyer in each department. Use our flexibility to your advantage and see how our printing company can benefit your organisation.

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Brand Identity

Brand identity is probably the most critical element of retail and business design. As graphic design and packaging design professionals it is imperative that we offer the best brand building services. Brand identity is the overall graphic representation that people associate with a company or product. In todays market, competition for customers is fierce, so having a strong brand identity is essential for companies. Business owners rely on design professionals, like Lasbon, to invest time into researching, defining, and ultimately building a brand that people can trust. A proper brand identity is the foundation of your advertising and marketing campaign.

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